[WP] In the desolate wastes, a rundown kingdom crowns new royalty after a period of famine brings new lows. Cut to about a decade later, and that very kingdom spans 1/3 a continent. The secret? They never got the luxury of choice.

2021.09.22 02:12 case_sensitive_tomb [WP] In the desolate wastes, a rundown kingdom crowns new royalty after a period of famine brings new lows. Cut to about a decade later, and that very kingdom spans 1/3 a continent. The secret? They never got the luxury of choice.

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2021.09.22 02:12 itzjustDavid Azelf on me rn 6202 2148 9471 taking first 10

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2021.09.22 02:12 TheBeadGeeks Baroque Freshwater Black Pearl Bracelet with Hematite spacers on black silk thread and French wire on the ends. This is my first attempt at a Pearl Bracelet… thoughts?

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2021.09.22 02:12 AnnaGorlos Magnetic Starry Sky Watch A classic look, this fashion quartz wrist watch is specially designed with a magnetic band. The fashionable particular starry sky design makes it stunning. Adjustable pin-buckle fastening. High-quality quartz movement. Unique round dial design, aesthetic and stylish.

Magnetic Starry Sky Watch A classic look, this fashion quartz wrist watch is specially designed with a magnetic band. The fashionable particular starry sky design makes it stunning. Adjustable pin-buckle fastening. High-quality quartz movement. Unique round dial design, aesthetic and stylish. submitted by AnnaGorlos to Annaxo [link] [comments]

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2021.09.22 02:12 Revo293 Child of Balaster

Well....I read Warlord Arcanist. It was great. Probably gonna write out more later but I just have to say it. I called it! I predicted that the Children of Balastar, Luvi, and so on were the descendants of the original god arcanists.
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2021.09.22 02:12 spacebaby96 At home kickboxing questions

Hey I'm hoping to get a punching bag set up in my garage for at home kickboxing. Has anyone found a stand alone punching bag they like? Or a ceiling mounted one? I think stand alone would work better for my space. But just want to see what people have liked so far? On a related note. Any video streaming or recordings that people like?
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2021.09.22 02:12 fin6942007 What’s some ways to feel better when sick?

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2021.09.22 02:12 jetsetjetjettt Do you share your bank account info with Amex?

I was curious a few months ago and poked around their website and saw something like “link your bank account account so Amex can better serve you..” or something of that nature. I put in my login then Amex displayed my bank account numbers and asked me to click yes to consent to them having access to my bank account. I changed my mind and exited the window.
Out of nowhere an account manager was assigned to me and he was going through my recent charges to see how they can better serve me so they apparently have access to my bank account anyway without my consent.
Is there any benefit for this? Would you opt out?
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2021.09.22 02:12 ZoZoVirtuoso Basically what you’d hear at a gay club! Feel free to listen in. 24 hours and regularly updated!

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2021.09.22 02:12 flopsyplum Introduce “mutton flaps” to the United States and usher in unimaginable levels of obesity

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2021.09.22 02:12 Jeremylap2 Have any of you read Deep Discipleship by J.T. English? What did you thanks and what did out?

I'm reading it for my studies, it's really gotten me excited about serving other believers again. Have you had the same experience?
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2021.09.22 02:12 DKT__9 I don’t get to my first stop until noon.

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2021.09.22 02:12 czecherd_scarfs The war is over, long live the war

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2021.09.22 02:12 daggermittens Look at my coworkers new puppy! This is Biscuit!!

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2021.09.22 02:12 NorternHunterX continuing with 'spiritual reality with my sixth sense', part two.

This will be long. In previous posts I had revealed to you people that I have this strange ability, this 'sixth sense', which literally allows me to experience what I believe to be the spirit world or another dimension, so to speak, existing / it combines with our reality hidden in plain sight what I see as a kind of very fine statics through which they manifest, I can see / feel, supernatural entities that I firmly believe are angels, demons, presence of the holy trinity and other beings that I do not know very well what they are, I feel the latter as 'neutral'. Also explain that in addition to seeing these entities, many times I have experienced strange things such as remote viewing. I see impossible lights very similar to those experienced by Mrs. Dorothy Izatt that she managed to document physically. I said that I can never escape that static, I see it absolutely always, it is something permanent.
I have been able to feel the energies whether good or bad of other people people, I said that I have seen animals and even very young children / babies interacting with spirits, there have been some occasions when I can get to see exactly as how I see the spirits as made of a static - electrifying what I think are UFOs / strange vehicles hidden in plain sight in the clouds, in cloudless airs and even in outer space at night and I also rarely do lights and I even told you people that when I was involved in dark things I was possessed by demons and they many times made me believe that I (falsely) had powers. I also said that many times when supernatural situations become strong in my brain I feel this kind of chemical reaction to the supernatural, feeling it like a hot electrifying sensation in the back left of my head, as if it were a kind of radar towards strong spiritual things. If there is anything that I have failed to say about what I said in previous posts, please, if you remember, let me know and I will try to explain it if you like but yeah, I think basically, in short, that's what I told you in a fairly detailed way I suppose but I also told you that there were other things that I was not revealing. I said it was like some kind of 'Iceberg Chart' that only the top / surface was talking about so now I'll reveal more about my sixth sense, I guess it may seem like a lot to accept as reality but oh, unfortunately, it's absolutely real, it's not a lie.
I will start this new publication, this second part, saying that although I have felt them countless times, until now there have only been two occasions in which 'they' have allowed me to touch them more physically and with that things have happened.
The first time that happened, was when a few minutes after being home alone for what would be a full day, I walked into a room and could literally see as if it was 'floating' in the air what I can describe as a species of white power line that had a slightly wavy shape that was perhaps almost two meters high. This was very disturbing and strange to me, it was something quite out of the 'normal' regarding the supernatural things that in a way I am used to experiencing. It gave me a certain fear, it was intimidating, something almost surreal, but instead of withdrawing from that room my curiosity was great so I slowly began to approach that line, and as I did it the electrifying sensation - hot in my brain became stronger and stronger. I extended one of my hands towards that line and instantly when I touched it, my whole arm was like anesthetized at the same time that I had a kind of fast but at the same time slow vision in which I saw a exotic place, resembling a very extensive landscape / valley with steep mountains and with appearances as cut in lines, these cut parts were white while the rest of the mountains in that valley were covered by a short light green-purple vegetation similar to grass among which I appreciated rivers of crystalline golden water that shone like reflecting a non-existent sun. I did not see any sun as we know it but somehow everything was powerfully illuminated, there were no shadows or dark things.
These rivers fell like waterfalls towards what would be like the foundations of the mountains where these rivers joined creating a series of larger rivers, also bright gold, among which were these circular white rock formations with their centers of brilliant white color of where they extended to the heights lines of light of extremely new colors, exotic colors, colors that do not exist here on earth. Colors impossible to describe for the human imagination, I saw them but even so, even remembering them, I cannot describe them exactly, it is something ineffable that I saw but I do not know how to describe, I only know that they were colors with life, bright, hypnotizing, beautiful, powerful, take your breath away. These lines of light seemed like 'getting into themselves' where were seen metallic - fire and translucent meshes that released star spores with a background where at times the contours of round territories seemed to become visible. High above where they came from, these lines of light became/they transform into silver columns that fade into the heights. I saw everything in a miniaturized way but I ineffably knew that everything in that place, each one of the rocks, the rivers, the waterfalls, the mountains and the lines of light were actually many thousands of kilometers high and wide, it was something very impressive, beyond all logical explanation. What was beyond that valley I could not see, since there was a bright white color similar to smoke covering all that on the horizon.
Suddenly that vision ended and surprisingly I was lying on the ground where I do not remember how I got there, this left me extremely puzzled and shocked, I felt strangely drugged. I had never experienced something like this and to date it has not been repeated. shortly after getting up from the ground, I heard how the others arrived there at the house which made me strange so I went to receive them, to see why they had returned and to my surprise IT WAS ANOTHER DAY. It was literally no longer the same day that they left, a whole day had passed and I had not realized that, it was as if that experience with the line of light had made me advance time without me experiencing the passing of time normally. I will never forget all that. Obviously, like many other things, I didn't tell other people what had happened to me since they just wouldn't believe me.
The second time that this happened, it not only happened to me, but also a ex - friend experienced the same thing as me. We were walking down the street at night and as usual I was seeing entities around us but ignoring them as much as I could, there was one of them in particular that seemed to be more physical than the rest and that was in front of us. I did not pay much attention to it at first since as usual, we would go through it and nothing would happen but I was very wrong since when we went through it we were immediately shaken by a strong shudder and a few seconds later the other started to say out loud, quite exalted and terrified, something like 'no, shit, shit! what are they? what the hell are those things? Did you see them too? ' He he said this while he was looking everywhere, which immediately let me know that having touched that entity made him see the spirit world. I don't know how he saw them, but it clearly scared and puzzled him a lot. I denied having seen them and only having felt the chill. It is not as impressive or exotic as what I said above but it was also very strange.
I have an eye disease called keratoconus, so when I was about sixteen years old, I had eye surgery where they put rings on me to prevent that disease from leaving me blind. The operation was very uncomfortable since I was absolutely aware of what was happening, only my eyes had anesthesia but all of me was aware of what was happening. They put some things in my eyes to prevent them from closing while I literally saw how the doctors cut my eyes with a scalpel and worked on my eyes to insert the rings there. Needless to say, I was very nervous and shocked by what I was seeing, I was really scared, it was too unpleasant to see how my eyes were open. I remember that in my thoughts I was like 'God, please don't let the doctors blind me, please, I hate this, I want it to be over' ugh, it really was a very uncomfortable experience, the fact is that while I was having eye surgery I felt like someone grabbed one of my arms with both hands. Those hands felt soft, masculine and pleasantly warm, which strangely filled me with a lot of tranquility, it calmed me a lot, those hands made me like 'caresses' on my arm as if telling me with their movements that everything would be fine, during the whole surgery those hands They never let me go, feeling them filled me with a lot of peace and security that everything would be fine. When the operation was finished, I asked who had grabbed me but they told me that no one ever grabbed me, none of the people grabbed me, wow, so I firmly believe that those hands were from some angel or something like that, I calmed down in those ugly moments.
In the case of angels in the daytime they appear in white and gold lights, sometimes in humanoid forms very quickly. Their presences and the one of God become much stronger in the midst of praise either in church or in any place where the Lord is being sincerely worshiped. Obviously, from a very young age, they made me know about the things of God / Jesus through a religion but I soon discovered that God / Jesus is not a religion, it is something true, is real, it does exists, it is something that goes much beyond what we can imagine. It is said that faith is the certainty of what is expected, the conviction of what is not seen but for me, my faith is undoubtedly supported by what I can see, by my sixth sense, it makes me know that all that it is as real as the air we breathe. Of course I have not been the only person who has seen supernatural things related to God / Angels / Satan / demons, I do not believe someone special for having this situation. It's overwhelmingly uncomfortable, you never get used to this thing, I consider it more of a curse than a blessing.
At night, even with my eyes closed, golden lights appear that illuminate me quickly, waking me up when I am already asleep or I am about to do so, their sudden appearances make me feel a strange heat and numbness in the part of my body where those lights touched / appeared on me. It seems to me that only once in the midst of those lights have I seen some kind of strange vision?, I don't really know what to call them, in which I remember very well that I saw how a kind of metallic 'meteorite' with half an almond shape moved as if falling to some place that it did not see, surrounded by yellowish fire that It turned into reddish-purple fire in the trail of fire that this thing left as it moved, there was no noise, just that image that lasted about five seconds before disappearing. If I have seen more things in those lights, I do not remember. Once when I was a child and I was very ill suffering from a temperature and a headache, when I couldn't sleep one of those lights appeared and made me rest, feeling good. I sometimes have this kind of 'vision'? in which I even being asleep seems as if I woke up from my dreams to see how entities are watching me sleep, literally I see myself sleeping from an aerial perspective and sometimes closer as if it were one of those entities, then suddenly , faster than I can explain, again I find myself dreaming.
And regarding the demons, the vast majority of the time I see them as dark amorphous forms, so dark that no artificial light or the sun is reflected in their darkness, it is a stronger black than the black color that we know. Although on a few occasions, I have also seen them take different forms, for example once I saw a snake with a goat skull curling up on a wall. The first time I saw a demon in another form that was not amorphous, it seems to me that it was when I had some ten years of age was when in my room in the middle of the night I woke up and saw this demonic creature near me. He had a body like a human, muscular, tall, it didn't have horns, whose body was black, blacker than the night, lit and outlined from behind by the light of the public lighting that entered through a window that was strangely open. It had translucent bat-like wings of an orange color and from what would be its fingers a kind of long claws came out. I do not remember feeling fear, it was more like surprise and curiosity about seeing that creature standing there near me. We were watching each other for a few minutes, that creature was not my imagination or some strange nightmare, its presence was hypnotizing. I remember that the only thing that occurred to me to say was 'close the door when you leave' and moments later I fell asleep.
I have also seen demons appear before me in the form of what others would call 'ghosts' in the form of people and even animals but I know they are actually demons, I have also seen demon eyes in random people on the street as if they manifested through those humans and even their human faces transform into demons for a few seconds what I have known has happened to other people who do not have the same ability as me it's like we can see demons possessing those people. There are different types of demonic possession so there are people who can be possessed but not know it.
Naively, when I was a teenager, I believed that I could use this ability to my benefit if I got involved in satanic things, I am capable of doing something strong diabolical things without having to do witchcraft or work to do what I do in the dark as other people would have to do, it is as if I could skip certain steps to go further in terms of evil so I killed animals in the name of satan, as if they were blood sacrifices, so to speak, which pleased the demons who ministered to me to do dark things but on one occasion they asked me to murder my parents, I refused but then I felt a very strong demonic possession that took absolute control of my body, it was very horrible, it was a deep supernatural evil, a sick evil, something really strong and horrible, too much dangerous.
This possession made me feel fiery snakes crawling through my skin, sexually arousing me, I heard voices like sighs, my body felt hot - spicy, chills shook me, my thoughts became totally aberrant, I could no longer control myself, I no longer It was me. I was forced to grab a big knife and walk to my parents' room, I wanted to scream and cry but couldn't, I was absolutely horrified, in a very rotten state of mind, I was a puppet of demons. When I was climbing the stairs, I felt like two angels appeared. one in front of me and the other behind. These angels stuck a kind of sword into my head and chest which made me feel as if my entire body was being pierced by strange projectiles, at the same time that I felt a very strong throbbing pain in my head, and I heard like Screams of beasts, they were very deafening screams making me believe that I would almost go deaf but it did not happen. Suddenly my body was thrown backwards, I fell to the ground on my back and immediately I felt like demons came out of my body that shook and lifted in the air, then I fell to the ground and began to have a mental break very very really very strong that God I use as a beginning for my liberation from satanic things, it was a very long and difficult process but I finally managed to get out of satanic things spiritually and physically.
For now it is all that I will narrate, I think that for the moment it is enough. Thank you for reading.
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2021.09.22 02:12 Majestic_Drag_5549 Anyone else get pillow soot sprites this time of year?

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2021.09.22 02:12 Sure-Butterscotch-35 Why is this girl talking to me if she doesn’t seem like she likes talking to me?

I’m boring. I’m literally just asking questions and stuff, why is she still talking to me? It doesn’t even seem like she’s really enjoying it.
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2021.09.22 02:12 charlatan_11235 You guys think you are good at duels?

Hey, I'm Charlie and I'm a speedrunner for this game. We recently added a new category called Duel Rush (since you can replay most of the duels). In this category you need to do all the replayable duels as fast as posible. If someone want to give it a try check the link below!
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