💣PomPom Presale Now Live 💣| 100X Potential | Hodl & Earn | Highly Experienced Devs🔥

2021.09.22 01:36 Ashamed_Equivalent58 💣PomPom Presale Now Live 💣| 100X Potential | Hodl & Earn | Highly Experienced Devs🔥

We are here to present to you Pompom coin.
Why Pompom? PomPom is cute but with a lot of bite! For every active user transaction a 2% POM reward is granted to holders (decentralized wallets only), fostering a healthy distributed network and community usage. The more POM transacted, the more the more rewards are holders are granted.
We have a team of transparent, dedicated and experienced developers working behind the scenes nonstop and have big things cooking including NFTs.
Presale is Live 🔥. Running until Friday. (Monday to Friday)
🔒Liquidity will be Locked for 2 Years
🐶 Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Pom
🐶50% of supply sent to blackhole.
🐶2% Auto Liquidity
🐶2% reflection to holders.
🐶Low slippage token
🐶 Low Marketcap 🔥
💪 Upcoming contests and giveaways.
💪Coingecko & Coinmarketcap listing application in progress.
🔥Pompom NFTs on BSC upcoming after Token launch.
🔥In talks with Pancakeswap team to list our NFTs on their upcoming NFT market place.
🔥Huge marketing campaign including poocoin banners and crypto Influencers.
🔒Liquidity pool will be locked on Mudra Liquidity Locker.
This is an open invitation to everyone of you to join this amazing project and be part of a strong growing community,
Links you don't wanna miss:
Get on our website to checkout our roadmap and whitepaper. Hop on to our telegram chat if you have any questions that need to be answered.
Thank you all for your support!
👑Contract: 0x4c7776fd5ec9bf0a16e1ae4309bc30a131598755
📈 Chart (Bogged): https://charts.bogged.finance/0x4c7776fD5ec9Bf0a16E1Ae4309bC30a131598755
👑Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4c7776fd5ec9bf0a16e1ae4309bc30a131598755
👑Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4c7776fd5ec9bf0a16e1ae4309bc30a131598755#readContract
🔐 Liquidty locked 1 Year
🌐 Website : in progress…🕗
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2021.09.22 01:36 imsorrybutnou What is this place? I've never seen this before.

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2021.09.22 01:36 rbpx RDX gen2 vs gen 3

Took my gen 2 2016 RDX Elite/Advance in for maintenance and they gave me a 2019 RDX Aspec for a loaner. Here's how my first drive seemed to me:
- gen 3 10 speed - always in the right gear. Awesome, compared with my 6 speed.
- gen 3 2L 4cyl turbo motor - strong torque at much lower rpm felt much more dynamic and immediate than my 6 cyl.
- gen 3 - steering / handling - together with dynamic lower torque made it feel more like a car and mine more like a truck.
- gen 3 in Sport Mode - bright, responsive, great feel. Piped in "motor sound" seems silly though. I admit they made a good sound but is this better?
- gen 3 in Sport+ Mode - aggressive, wild/outrageous. Press on the peddle to move forward and you're going 40kph immediately. Piped in sound now loud. Way fun! Oh, but I could get into a lot of trouble (ie. "tickets") with this.
In all, very impressive changes to model. However...
Cabin felt a bit smaller. I felt I was riding higher and steering wheel was smaller (not sure if this is true) and dash is lower. Big central Mode knob isn't to my liking (yeah, this is subjective) but not a good usage of space. Push button transmission is a "terrible" interface a first blush. No doubt you can "get used to it". Infotainment, with its "absolute positioning" seemed fine to me. I know reviewers like to troll this but it didn't put me off at all.
A big complaint of my vehicle is that if I turn off my engine (here it is illegal to idle your car while parked) it disconnects my bluetooth connected phone call. Now I know why I see so many idiots sitting, idling, for no reason - they're finishing up their phone call.
This is changed in the gen 3. Turning off the car does NOT disconnect the bluetooth. Further, the bluetooth in my car, when it connects to my phone automatically starts PLAYING the last media on my phone. When I look at my phone there is NO APP in the tasklist - there's nothing to stop the media from playing. A friend of mine has several bluetooth headsets and he tells me that "some headsets do this, others do not." There is no config I can change to stop my caphone from doing this. My guess is that the gen 3 does not do this.
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2021.09.22 01:36 Cropitekus Drone war slaughters Afghan civilians while a whistleblower goes to prison for spilling its secrets

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2021.09.22 01:36 aharbert0 Should i stake her??

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2021.09.22 01:36 ultimate_d2 Game Mat

Anyone know of somewhere that is selling the game mats? i.e. Midtown Mayhem map, etc.?
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2021.09.22 01:36 confusednerdyThrowRA My wife [28] seems to be hot and cold to me [32] on seemingly no notice.

One moment she'll be cuddly, affectionate, playful, and in high spirits, saying things like "I'm so lucky to have you in my life", and the next she'll be accusing me of not doing enough around the house or for not doing enough of the planning of a vacation or something like that. It just seems rapidly hot and cold all the time lately, and I don't know if it's me being a screw up, or if its her. How am I supposed to fix things if things seem fine and well one minute and awful the next? Should I be fixing things?
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2021.09.22 01:36 mlufi I wanted to know what this sub thoughs on the Slice of Life genre

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2021.09.22 01:36 Gregshead Downtown Police Response

Sitting at Branch and Bone on Wayne, 4 Dayton cops just flew by, lights and sirens. Anyone know what's going on?
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2021.09.22 01:36 Neior Started a TikTok channel just for beyblade. Check it out

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2021.09.22 01:36 ohLightning Can i have some opinions on my teeth? I stress about them a lot so honest answers would be nice. Im younger and dont know why my teeth are translucent and have white spots like that. Please help!

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2021.09.22 01:36 lotusrising9 When you are so confused (attachment, CPTSD, sabotage)

I discovered ROCD/relationship anxiety about a month ago in the midst of a lot of conflict with my partner. In hindsight, I realise that I was creating a lot of conflict because of the obsessive thinking but within me was this deep love and urge to stay with my partner while also an urgent desire to leave. Although I warned my partner in the dating stage that I had trauma, we both severely underestimated how it would manifest within the dynamic and unfortunately, it is now at a point that I don't believe we are as happy and healthy as we once were. My partner would disagree and be pragmatic and say that we can learn from mistakes and move forward. At better times I agree and we have done couples counselling, at worst times I give into my narratives and catastrophize and create cruel conflict. Because he is not a superhero of patience, my behaviour will trigger him and we go back and forth in a not so healthy dynamic. I just wanted to put this out there because I thought I was experiencing a backdoor spike without the physical symptoms but I still had doubts, checking feelings, information seeking compulsion and the rest. But my two cents is, ROCD can really sabotage a relationship when coupled with attachment and trauma history, almost to the point that there are obvious flaws in the dynamic. I know there will be those that say you can heal while in the relationship but I cannot help but feel like this man came into my life unexpectedly, gave me so much love I never knew I could receive and the last few months I have treated him in a way he does not deserve. Although he is forgiving and assuring of his love for me, I cannot stop feeling guilty and shameful for how much pain I have caused him. I have repeatedly apologised to him and told him that one day it could be better with someone else who will not create this type of conflict and will not deal with any breakup urges. It's complicated and difficult to be in this position. My heart breaks for myself but for anyone who has tried their chance at love only to have the imprint of trauma get in the way of their hopes and dreams.
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2021.09.22 01:36 2fast4u935 What song y’all playing

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2021.09.22 01:36 puffleintrouble Managing a relationship with narcissistic parents

I am really struggling. My parents have decided to “crack down” on my “disrespect” lately and have been imposing early curfews, as well as laying on the guilt tripping and emotional warfare.
They claim that this is because I am never home anymore and “treat the house like a boarding home.” I think it’s because they know that they are losing control over me as I spend more time with my boyfriend and begin to get closer to college graduation.
My boyfriend (28) and I (22f) have been together for 14 months. We are pretty serious and planning to marry within a year or two at the most. He lives an hour away so we try to split commuting evenly to keep things fair, and we try to see each other at least 3 times a week during M-F. Now that my parents are shortening my curfew and also restricting my use of the car, this is putting undue stress on our relationship. If he wants to see me during the week he now needs to commute to my neck of the woods, and my parents also don’t allow him into the house during the evening.
It causes him a lot of pain and anger to hear about my situation. He says he wants to hear about the issues but I hate to see how it all hurts and stresses him out. I also am worried about his relationship with my parents and how they will blame me for the fact that he hates them. They have made it clear to me that if he has a problem with them, it is clearly based on whatever “lies” I’ve told him. (Forget the fact that they have never hugged him once, and won’t let him in the house during the week, and some times don’t even acknowledge him when he comes in the door… no, his impression of them is definitely all my fault).
How do I navigate this? Do I start to keep info rom my boyfriend about my family? Or just wait to go no contact?
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2021.09.22 01:36 danielsenandrew Sauce is bottled!

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2021.09.22 01:36 dolt1234 Sorry this is a driveway shot and I’m not on some sick trail, but my sweaty ass just installed this Frontrunner roof rack and only cussed a few times - so stoked

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2021.09.22 01:36 chixon10398 QB starter help

I’m playing in a 10 man half ppr 2 flex league. Right now my starting QB is Ryan tannehill who has be disappointing to say the least. Currently 0-2 and looking at replacing him. Do I tough it out, drop for Daniel Jones, drop for Derek carr, or try and pick one up as a backup QB? Not sure who I would drop on my bench for a backup QB but I can figure that out
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2021.09.22 01:36 Tiny_Conference_5901 advice

Hi guys, im new to onlyfans as a creator and was just wondering if i could get advice on how other people started it off to get subs. I have no idea what im doing
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2021.09.22 01:35 Surtock A question(s) about a cassoulet recipe.

I've made this a couple times now and while the flavors are on point I find that the chicken and sausage get a mealy texture to them that is somewhat unpleasant. I'm hoping that by a cooking it to the point where the chicken and sausage are fully cooked I can yank them and then finish the dish without them. When it's done I can just add them back to warm them back up and serve. The question: Will this change the flavor that much of at all? I love the richness the dish has but will the depth loose out because of their removal? Perhaps another suggestion that will not effect the final outcome? Thanks
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2021.09.22 01:35 ResponsibleAd9086 Investing in Psychedelics a Conversation with MindMed

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2021.09.22 01:35 DigiQuip My beavers won’t use a rooftop terrace because it’s too far away. Even though the building is very much within my district borders.

I built a rooftop terrace on a lodge. The lodge itself is within yellow distance from my district center. However, the lodge is stacked a few levels high. Because of this, even though residence live right underneath it, no one will use my terrace because the pathing from my district center doesn’t reach up the winding stairs and the top of my lodge.
To fix this, I’d like the district center to, at the very least, mark the borders but leave it to residences to determine if another building is too far away to be used.
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2021.09.22 01:35 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 01:35 Alex_78905 Dealing with gastritis symptoms

Hey yall, looking for an opinion. I got really sick like 6 months ago and since than I have had daily stomach cramps, inflammation, heartburn, and occasional diarrhea. I went on a PPI for like 3 weeks and felt a tiny bit better but the doctor wanted me to stop taking it for some reason. My sister has celiacs disease which makes me think it could maybe be that but I dont feel like gluten always upsets my stomach. Does anyone have any idea if this could be gastritis or something else like celiac?
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2021.09.22 01:35 Culpgrant21 Welcome to Matillion Subreddit

I am open to ideas on what we want this subreddit to be so any help is appreciated! I am going to start by posting links to articles that I have found helpful in my job. The subreddit will just center around helping users of Matillion.
Thank you for joining!
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2021.09.22 01:35 an_unlucky_engineer STM32: Hal or CMSIS or Lipopencm3?

I am starting programming the blue pill and I came across with some ways to program the microcontroller and I want to know what is the more use in the job market
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