Croesus: Small Addition to Fight Entry for Level Restricted/Player Capped Public Instance

2021.09.22 00:51 Kaildun Croesus: Small Addition to Fight Entry for Level Restricted/Player Capped Public Instance

The Stream looked alright; I am happy with the addition of a new skilling boss/Skilling wing of a God Wars Dungeon. Dino Hunting was a good first draft, but it will be nice to have something that is scaled more as a single boss encounter and have rewards to match. With that said, I find it being a group boss is little souring. While I am not against group bosses as a concept (as all MMOs tend to do), corralling a group of 8-10 players is a bit irritating - especially given that RS bosses are meant to be farmed repeatedly. Unlike classic MMO raids that have a final stopping point or weekly lockout, RS groups bosses can go on endlessly as desired which makes getting a couple of kills when you have time a little untenable. I do think it's great that there is a massing option for a public instance, but I am worried that rewards will be heavily diluted depending on how many players enter at a time. Leeching will be a major issue: rewards scale based upon contribution to the kill, but any AFK leeches will make the boss fight harder to finish. Likewise, there will be bottlenecks of players trying to enter the arena on specific worlds while neglecting others (150 players trying for spots on World A while World B struggles with 5 people entering). With that in mind, I have a suggestion for more targeted pick up groups.
Level restricted/player capped public instance. This would allow you to queue up and be taken to a private instance that has a player cap of 16 (double the recommend from the stream). Set the Level requirement to use the option as Level 60-80 in two of the relevant skills for the boss fight (Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining or Hunting). A 60 second countdown to start would occur when the room has 8 players and then any who join during the minute would pad out the group. This would be a queue room similar to Castle Wars, Void Outpost or Barbarian Assault. Once the encounter ends, the group disbands and you can enter the queue again. This allows for multiple pick up instances at a time and allows players to leave at their leisure.
Organized private instances and Public Mass would be untouched options.
Comment and Discuss
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2021.09.22 00:51 misterman416 Help please

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2021.09.22 00:51 Lifehasnolimit It's a sign for the safemoonarmy🚀🤷😂

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2021.09.22 00:51 TheRedMenaceOB Although I have not been able to identify it, I'm obsessed with it. Found in Michigan.

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2021.09.22 00:51 flyingmada Brand New Tires but Manufactured in 2012 - safe??

Just bought some brand new Pirelli Angel GTs from Revzilla. However looking at the codes, I’m seeing “2012” which means it was manufactured 9 years ago. Are these safe to use since they’re brand new? Or should I ask for replacement?
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2021.09.22 00:51 Jul_feliss Hanci dedi bir cicegi yaratmak asirlarin isidir

Ben her bahar arar arar arar dururum.
Su yeryuzunde kimin kimsesi yok kendinden baska,
Bir de koca evren basinin ustunde,
Dogmus ve olmuş apansiz binlercesi,
Yok henuz farkina varan, ne olacak bundan sonrari
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2021.09.22 00:51 MCMultyke [iPhone Wallpaper Request] Can anybody put the Image 2 photo on the outside border of the Image 1 photo? The Example Image shows exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you in advance!

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2021.09.22 00:51 Big_Resource6125 não consigo para de masturbar e só penso em sexo todos os dias.

como faço para me livra desse vicio que me atormenta a anos tanto físico como em pensamentos diários.
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2021.09.22 00:51 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 00:51 Budget-Song2618 Big Pharma Greed 'Literally Killing Americans,' Sanders Says Outside Drug Lobby HQ "How many people need to die, how many people need to get unnecessarily sicker, before Congress is prepared to take on the greed of the prescription drug industry?"

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2021.09.22 00:51 bs-inesperadocu Acho que esse sabão não é que vai melhorando com a família e botando pra praticar atos profanos

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2021.09.22 00:51 deepika0626 Amazing products that i bought from amazo!Amazon -

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2021.09.22 00:51 Gotmeinquiries Changing email address policy domains question

We're looking at changing our domain name, but keeping the old domain around for a while. Currently all users have 2 email addresses, and Both of these are set by a single email address policy with as the primary, and as additional address. The plan modify the policy to make as the primary.
We've be asked to make it so an new users created after this will only get a email address and not get an email address.
Question is if we modify the email address policy removing the refrence will anything happen to the existing user's email address or will they remain on the account? From what I can find online I see references to having to run PowerShell scripts to remove old email addresses but nothing concrete on what would happen so any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.09.22 00:51 liriosbellos #PEDERNAL. #REDENCION | MEJOR PELÍCULAS DE #ACCION | ESTRENO | subtítulos en español🥰💚✅🤗

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2021.09.22 00:51 augmentinduoforte Tips for sleep while on and off night shifts.

Currently on night shifts, 7 shifts on, 7 shifts off.
To be honest on the 7 days off have had really messed up sleep.
End up going to bed to sleep around midnight, and keep waking up at 5-6am and can't get back to sleep. Have just felt exhausted towards the end of the day, and have napped several times throughout the day.
Going back onto night shift soon but would appreciate any tips.

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2021.09.22 00:51 Kwanzaa246 How do i raise the PH (alkalize) of drinking water?

I have a water distiller. When you distill water it reacts with the C02 in the air and reduces the PH down to ~5.0. I'd like to raise it back up to ~7.0-7.5.
Besides adding caustic soda / baking soda, what other methods can i use to raise the PH?
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2021.09.22 00:51 Traditional-Active69 What are these tiny red spots along gum line of my teeth
this is a very similar picture of how my gum line looks
I recently got tiny red spot along my teeth gum line. I had a regular 6 month dental cleaning and used Listerin zero alcohol a few days later. After a few days I noticed these along my gum line. I was thinking inflammation long the gum tissue but they haven’t gone away and it’s been about 3 weeks. Im very worried they are permanent.
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2021.09.22 00:51 brollikk cfthl - fed the whole block with pizza - such an amazing sight to see (9-21-21) - would love to have people volunteer for us, and also looking for full time members

Hey guys, for those of you who still haven't heard of me, I am the guy who runs crypto for the homeless.

We started just under 3 years ago as a VERY humble project with absolutely zero funding and completely based on reddit posts and a basic website/social media.

Today we are a fully established 501c3 organization (non-profit registered by the irs) that is leading this niche category.
You might be wondering - why is this organization necessary if there are homeless shelters and food kitchens?

The reason is because 90% of the homeless people absolutely do not utilize ANY of those services for many many reasons (too far from their preferred area to pan-handle, disqualified due to addictions, places are too unsanitary/infested with bed bugs, lack of knowledge of location, mental/physical handicaps, etc).

We distinguish ourselves in that we do what most other charities do not do. We crowd fund without wasting a single penny on advertising, we have zero overhead/maintenance fees and use the funds for food. We HAND DELIVER the food to the homeless in the most difficult to reach areas in the city (yes I've gone to the dangerous areas under the bridge many times to hand the homeless people pizza). - this is a collage of images from earlier today to give an example of what we do.


We are currently looking for regulaconsistent volunteers (but even if you can only go out once it is still something we are looking for). If you are able to buy/hand out food and document everything exactly like how we do it on our websites/social media, you will be reimbursed 100% for the cost of food.

We've had several redditors volunteer for us and get reimbursed who can vouch for our integrity as well.

Full time workers:
we are ALSO looking for full time workers (30 hours a week, work from home)
we have various positions available, but they will mainly be related to social media, engagement, recruitment, etc. Currently, I have 2 positions open for this - so please message me if you are serious about it and we can proceed with a conversation/interview.

Our organization QUALIFIES FOR PSLF (public service loan forgiveness) - meaning if you work for us for 10 years and make 120 qualifying payments towards your student loans, the rest of your student loans will be forgiven. HUGE incentive to help out the homeless and get your loans paid off.

Regardless, thanks again for all of your support! Look for big things from us going forward.
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2021.09.22 00:51 Goodjobonmain Whoops forgot the demon

I finally got to choose my mystic path after getting the Banner in Drezen and I just realized that I forgot to get the demon girl from prison can I still do it now or do I have to wait until her quest later on
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2021.09.22 00:51 universe_of_sand Massive Loaded Baked Potato

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2021.09.22 00:51 Happy_Juggernaut_524 Should I pay minimum with PSLF or continuing paying down on my own?

Hoping to get some perspectives on if I should use PSLF to forgive some of my student loans or just keep paying on them. I have so far paid about $20k of my loans and have $53k left. I was paying for about 3 years at a job that was for profit. Right before the pandemic I started at a non-profit, that I hope to be at longer term. During the pandemic, I have been saving for putting one night chunk on my loans and expect to have about 13k and I did also apply for PSLF, so this time (since June 2020) will count towards the forgiveness. In terms of my overall financial picture,I am 30 yo, have no cc debt, only a car loan that is less than 1% interest, have a solid emergency fund, and have almost 40k in retirement investments. My pay is about 60k.
My concern is about whether it will be worth it in the end to pay only the minimum and have the rest forgiven. My IBR has my payments set at $280 prepandemic. My income hasn’t changed drastically and I don’t expect it will. I anticipate that most of my raises will be small, cost of living type raises for the position/field I am in. However, I do hope to meet a partner and get married within the next 9 years and have no idea how that would impact my IBR. If I were to keep paying the minimum as it’s set now, I would pay about $30k over 9 years, which obviously would be financially better than paying off the entire $53k+ that is left with interest and all. However, I feel uncertain about how my IBR payments might change over time? I’ve of course also heard the many stories of people for whom PSLF has not worked out due to red tape reasons. Obviously continuing to have loans is also something that just doesn’t feel good for me, but I want to do what will leave me most likely to pay less overall.
Any insight or advice?
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2021.09.22 00:51 Present-Great Sorry for the news

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2021.09.22 00:51 gringoslocosbaby No idea what I’m at

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2021.09.22 00:51 icequeen1016 Was let go- asked back need to vent please

Alright y’all this happened a little while ago but I’m still upset about it and need to process. I worked for a family where MB traveled a lot and worked from home sometimes and DB worked from home or at the office 50/50. There were 3 kiddos and they all had their own nanny because they each had one child from a prior marriage and they hired them themselves and I had the youngest NK who was both of theirs and they agreed on me. I always thought it was odd but to each there own my little peanut is precious and I got along with the other nannies well enough. We will call them N1 and N2.
Well MB and DB are constantly either arguing or loudly having shower sex when she’s home. There’s Kamasutra books all over the house but like I’m not here to judge your sex life so good on you. Well when MB is out of town the DB is always giving me bonuses and letting me leave early. Always very kind and ive never felt like it was flirty. I don’t know what he does for N1&2. When MB is home I don’t see a lot of him until it’s time for me to go home. She’s always super rude to me and says very under handed statements that are honestly degrading and judgmental but she’s not home a lot and I really just interact with her when She comes and goes or if She pays me. Other than that I have a lot of freedom and my NK is great! She’s always well behaved for me and we never have a lot of issues. But when I’m off MB or DB will call me and ask me how to get her to eat XYZ or they can’t get her to sleep etc but I love NK so I just help them out. I always stay late and never complain I clean more than the other two put together. I always help out any time I can. I really feel like I did a good job. Well MB suddenly just tells me it’s not working out she doesn’t think I’m qualified to work with kids etc. She said she wanted me to finish out the week and she’ll give me a months severance. I was super upset but just accepted it. N1 is very close with her and I think she wants N1 for both kids. Well N2 who only works with DB told me I need to talk to DB but she doesn’t want to get into it. But she was upset and crying. So I talk to DB and HE WAS TOLD BY MB THAT I QUIT! He was so angry when I told him the truth. But I said I just wanted out. My last day I got there early and walked in on DB and N1 fucking. DB didn’t notice but N1 did. Later she told me not to fuck this up for her and MB thinks it’s me he’s cheating with because of the bonuses. I wanted to spend my last day with NK in peace so we left. I said goodbye I still miss her sometimes.
Anyways 6 months later DB and N1 get married and now it’s a year after that and I guess their over because he just texted me asking me on a date- I said no. Then he asked if I wanted my job back. It killed me saying no but that’s just too messy. And now I’m just sad and needed people to hear my story. Thank you for listening 💕
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2021.09.22 00:51 Ironsnakepriad 32 [M4R] friends wanted apply if you dare!

Looking for some new people to chat with, maybe make some new friends along the way. I’m your normal abnormal guy. I like things and stuff honestly I like a little of everything really so I’m sure there’s some common ground to be found. Do your worst internet! But hopefully your best instead
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